Monday, May 19, 2008

Perfectly Polished

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a collector.

As a child it was Barbie dolls, Breyer Horses, stuffed snimals, My Little Ponies, and Trolls. As an adult, it has progressed to shoes, accessories, tank tops, and nail polish. While my obsession for finding the perfect polish has evolved in the past four years, I can trace it back to 8th grade, when the Hard Candy brand was introduced into my cosmetic frame of reference.

I remember it clearly: a glossy spread in Sassy magazine (my favorite!), showcasing the beautiful array of pastel colors. I begged my mother to order me the green, blue and purple, convincing her that I just *had to* have them. After weeks of waiting, they finally arrived from California, but to my dismay - after they had already begun being sold in Nordstrom's. I also had colors from Delia's, Wet 'n Wild, and sometimes - in High School - I even coordinated my nails to the current holidays (a variation of greens and whites on St. Patrick's, pinks and reds for Valentine's Day, blues and white during Hanukkah, and so forth).

Once I moved to New York, and discovered my love for frequent manicures and pedicures, my addiction to nail polish resurfaced. If I found a new color I liked, I would proceed immediately to Ricky's or the nearest Duane Reade to purchase it. I have never counted how many polishes are in my collection, but they fill a makeup case, a full drawer in my organizer, and a display shelf.

To me, nail polish is just another accessory. In about a half hour, you can change your look from classic to trendy, preppy to punk - and it's completely non-committal. My recent obsession is a little louder than your average manicure; I'm talking neon nails. Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange: You name it, I've worn it. I suggest heading over to your nearest Ricky's and picking up a bottle of "Mattese" in one of the many neons in their collection.

An instant makeover for $4.99? That's what I call a "bright idea."

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