Friday, July 4, 2008

Greek Godtressess

In the Fourth Grade, after reading D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths, I became obsessed with Greek Mythology. I mean, when else can you dress up as Demeter wearing a bed sheet toga and a headband adorned with plastic leaves without the suggestion of psychiatric help? Sigh, the memories. Now that I am an adult, my idea of Grecian inspired fashion has manifested itself into drape-y gowns, long dresses, and braids. Oh how I love braids!

I have alluded to my affinity for plaits in my post on headbands, and I stand behind the belief that there is nothing greater than a braid/band combination. As you know, I have written about humidity acting like Medusa towards my hair, and have since then discovered a Greek inspired hairdo that combats against its damage as would the warrior Perseus. And while I was somewhat influenced by the recent visibility of celebrities donning Heidi braids, my take is a twist on the typical country 'do, and instead, is a little more ethereal.

My interpretation of this braided hairstyle is the perfect option for shorter, finer hair. While the Heidi--over the crown--braids are great for long, thick hair, mine just does not have enough length or volume to make the proper impact. So, rather than pulling the braids over my head, I pull them under. Below you will hopefully find a helpful, step-by-step picture guide, to give you a clear idea of the process in creating this sweet and practical look.

1) Whether you part your hair in the middle or side, create two even sections of hair

2) Braid each side

3) Pull one braid under your head and pin

3) Pull the other over, and also secure with bobby pin

4) Add a headband to cover the hairties and ends, pin, and voila!

I love this hairdo because it is incredibly easy to create (takes no more than 10 minutes, even for a perfectionist like me), is much more polished than just pigtail braids or a ponytail, and looks completely put together despite how simple it is to do. It's a little taste of Mount Olympia, no supernatural powers required.

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