Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Into Darkness

Okay, so the title of this post technically refers to the title of my favorite Christopher Pike book that I read in middle school (which I recently learned, while channel surfing early one Sunday morning, was made into a movie in '96). Although I highly recommend the book (if you want to pretend you are an angst ridden fourteen year old), what I really want to talk about is nail polish. I know I have previously written about the amazing makeover qualities that a quick paint job can do, but this time I want to focus specifically on dark nails.

One of my favorite things about the impending Autumn, is that I get to break out my dark nail polish and lipstick. As much as I love neons, bright pinks and blues, and other non traditional colors, there is something refreshing about inky fingertips, so you can bet that I was super excited when I finally felt the time was right to paint my nails with one of my favorite fall colors: OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark."

In the picture it looks almost black, but it is really a great dark deep purple. And, if you follow fashion trends as closely as I do, you know that purple is big this fall (okay, it is big almost every fall), so you can imagine the excitement I felt when I brought back my deep shades to wear as soon as Labor Day passed. Who cares about white shoes, it is all about the fingernails.

However, is no recent obsession. Beyond collecting a vast array of colors, I have loved dark polish since 1994 when Chanel's "Vamp" hit the makeup counters (I got the last bottle at Nordrstrom during the initial craze, and it is still sitting in my nail polish drawer. Sounds gross, but the new formula of Vamp is just not the same.) Since then, my dark polish collection has expanded (What? You are not surprised?) to include the following colors on my "favorites" list:

OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark"
Chanel "Black Satin"
Chanel "Blue Satin"
OPI "Russian Navy"

Well, what are you waiting for? Join me as I "Plum It!"* nails first into Fall.

*Sally Hansen Fall Collection.  In fact, while a bit delayed, Sally Hansen has their own version of almost all my favorite colors for $6. Check your local drugstore, the Fall Collection should have its own display.


Thomas said...

Purple is in this fall. Plum was in last fall. And lavender the year before. Just kidding. Purple IS in every fall, damn it! Why is that? Other than that it's gorgeous. Thank G the other jewel tones are in, too.

Anonymous said...

"Although I highly recommend the book, what I really want to talk about is nail polish."
great comment to put on a blog. not so great comment to say in a lecture class on victorian poets.