Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are You Faux Real?

We all need a little help from our friends – or even our friends' friends. Of course I could say that I have this great eye for all things fashion and that I always know where to score the best bargain, but I would be exaggerating. Although I am pretty damn good at it, I am not going to claim the title of "expert" just yet. So, even I, a reliable resource for style on a budget, at times have to look to others when I reach a fashion impasse.
During the past two years, along with "Mission: Skinny Jeans," I have also been on the hunt for the perfect vintage fur or faux fur jacket. I can't put a finger on what motivated me in this search, but I have invested many months, fruitlessly attempting to uncover this elusive treasure. I scoured department stores, discount stores, flea markets, and thrift stores. I stalked eBay auctions and QVC, leaving no stone unturned. Or so I thought.
You know I love Manhattan. I cannot say enough great things about my chosen city. Here I can order delivery from almost every restaurant via Seamless Web. I do not have to venture further than one block for pizza at 2 am. I can satisfy my fountain Diet Coke craving at any hour. I have both great department stores and cute little boutiques at my shopping disposal, not to mention an almost infinite number of designer resale shops. The museums are among the best in the world. Until recently, however, Manhattan has lacked some popular Big Box Stores.
Okay, I do NOT, I repeat - DO NOT - want a Wal-Mart in Manhattan. However, the fact that we only recently gained a Target seems a little behind the times. I love Target. Of course, I never really shopped there, but was enamored with the discount store since high school, because they were the only retailer at the time that sold my then-beloved make-up brand Jane. During college I also was able to do a little necessities shopping there, but there was no Target near my home in Maryland. Even the new Target in Manhattan is not incredibly convenient to me, so I have never really explored all that "Tar-jay" has to offer...until last weekend.
I was at this party Saturday night, hanging out in the ever-so-trendy Meatpacking district. Later in the evening, a friend met me at the bar. She arrived with her two other friends, one of whom was wearing the most adorable cropped faux fur jacket. After eyeing it with jealousy for a few minutes, I told my friend how much I coveted her friend's jacket. You can imagine the shock I experienced when I learned that this fabulous faux was from none other than Target!! The one on 117th Street! It had been just purchased that day - for the amazing bargain price of $45.
I was immediately taken aback. Then, I looked this girl straight in the eye and said:
"I love it. I'm buying it tomorrow."
And so I did. After some marathon watching in the early afternoon, I hopped the 6 train to 116th, made a beeline straight to the clothing racks and honed in on the Merona Aimee Jacket. (Despite looking quite awkward on model, I promise you it is fabulous.) And, if I had any doubts that this jacket was amazing only in my own mind, they evaporated on Tuesday at work when many coworkers told me how much they loved it. They too were impressed that it came from Target, and when asked whether I would mind if they too bought one, who was I to say no? It wasn't my find to take credit for.
So there you go. Yet another place you might not think of when embarking on the quest for that perfect fill-in-the-blank. I certainly learned a valuable lesson: When I fear that I have lost the mark in my search for that one elusive, wardrobe enhancing item, some friendly guidance may bring me back on track. And in this particular case? All I have to say is: Right on, Target!

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