Thursday, January 10, 2013

And Then There Were...

So for the first time in who knows how long, because my recent manicure post made me curious, I decided to count the number of nail polishes I own. I had previously been avoiding this task for fear of what I might learn.

And the results are in: It seems as if my newly gifted Chanel varnish has brought my collection total to exactly 365 (I do have 9 nail art pens but I don't think they count).

So this my friends, is what 365 bottles of nail polish looks like. Two full small makeup cases aren't pictured because they are too messy.

Neons and Reds

Chanels, Blues, Greens & Purples
Chanels, Blues, Greens, Neutrals

Holos, Magnetic, Dark Blues & Purples
Glitters, Shimmers, Holos, Duochromes (and a festive Menorah!)

Mish Mosh of some Dupes, Glitters, older polishes.

Welcome to crazy town, we don't judge here. 


Thomas said...

I love the varying levels of organization and eventual descent into chaos. Chanels must be pretty amazing to have their own front row line-up, color-coding be damned!

Stephanie Kaye said...

You should do a different nail polish a day every day this year!!!!! :)