Thursday, February 7, 2013

Candy Girl

With Valentine's Day around the corner, the interwebs (and therefore my Google Reader feed) has been inundated with an overwhelming number of purchasable pink products and lots of candy (among other things that are irrelevant to my life and/or this post). But let's be real here, I am always down for wearing pink and eating candy, "holiday" or not.

So how fortuitous was my acquisition of this MAC lipstick last Friday using my $100 Saks Gift Card thanks to the launch of the new SaksFirst program? While I am infatuated with the color, I don't particularly care for its name, and was slightly embarrassed to have to ask the sales associate for a tube of "Candy Yum Yum."

Silly moniker aside, this lipstick is awesome. What is even more awesome, however, is the way Helena of Brooklyn Blonde rocks it in the hot pink combo below.

Image Credit Brooklyn Blonde

 That hat she is wearing just might be on a UPS truck heading my way...

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