Friday, March 1, 2013


When it comes to my beauty routine, I get bored easily. This is clearly exhibited by more-massive-than-necessary make-up and nail polish collection. I don't have an everyday "face," (read: I spent a fair amount of time playing with eye and lip colors in the morning) and a few years ago I dyed my naturally blonde hair dark brown on a whim. And while I absolutely loved it, in less than a year I was ready to make another change, slowly finding my way back to light blonde.

Unsurprisingly, I am currently stuck in a hairstyle rut. I wear it straight every day. I have not seen my colorist in almost two years. It is safe to say that I am suffering from complete hair ennui. (Boredom sounds so much more sophisticated en Français, non?)

In an impulsive attempt to remedy the situation, I picked up a curling iron at Target on Sunday. Then, on Tuesday, I marched myself over to CVS and bought the new Feria Wild Ombré for a "DIY Dip Dye" home hair color experiment. I may be light years late on the ombré hair trend, but it seemed like the easiest solution to my hair color conundrum. So many French words! I'm sensing a theme...

The Tools

This weekend I have enlisted my friend Jamie to help me with both the bleaching process as well as to teach me her masterful ways with the curling iron. (I have tried to use it 4 times this week, all complete and utter disasters.)

I am hoping for a final result similar to this:
Oh hi Lauren Conrad, I like your hair! Image Credit LuLu ♥'s Makeup

Stay tuned...

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Stephanie Kaye said...

I must see photos of the finished product :) or I guess I can wait until tomorrow ;)