Friday, April 25, 2014

Back in the High Light Again

If you don't understand the origin of my title, well, you clearly aren't as cool (or as old) as I am.

To put it mildly, I am a collector of sorts. It began with Trolls in the 4th grade, morphed into Breyer horses in the 6th, and as I continued to "mature," suddenly I was collecting shoes, nail polish, and lipstick. Anyone who reads my blog can easily ascertain this.

My desire to collect comes in waves, phases, if you will, as if - perchance - influenced by the cycles of the moon. I am currently in a "highlighter phase" in which I continue to buy products that claim to give skin the look of being "lit from within." I may, in fact, be a sucker for marketing. Go figure.

As a teenager with acne (no but really, I eventually succumbed to Accutane and never regretted it), much of my experience with makeup had been in an effort to matte-ify my face, so this recent development is quite the deviation from my prior routine. But the tables, how they have turned! Now I can't get enough of glowing, shimmering skin. (No glitter particles, though, as it is not 1996. Granted, 1996 was kind of awesome and that glitter gel from Contempo Casuals was preeettty a-maze-ing. But that is another post for another time.)

Glitter!! Fabulous for the face, not so much for movies by Mariah...

In the past two months, I have purchased the products pictured below:

I may single-handedly be boosting Maybelline sales

While I use all of the above on a fairly regular basis, I have determined that two products in particular are my all-time-favorite-for-the-last-two-months-time-ever. That's a thing, just go with it.

Splurge: Benefit High Beam $26
Save: Maybelline Bronzer Stick in Subtle Bronze $7-$9 (LE but here for cheap) And if you can't find this in your local drugstore, Warm Nude is a pretty close alternative.

While these two products are of a different color family, both are amazing highlighters with just the right amount of sheen. Keep a light hand though, no one wants to be overly frosty. Unless, of course, you're an ice queen, because then, by all means, frost away.

And now, I leave you with me trying to get a good shot of how my skin looks wearing High Beam, told through some creepy bathroom selfies. The things we bloggers do!

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