Monday, February 28, 2011

I Majored in Art History, In Case You Didn't Know

Despite what seems like evidence to the contrary, I really do want to make my blog something that people will check everyday, or at least of their own volition and not because I'm bombarding them with links on Facebook, Google Chat, Twitter, and Adium. I hope that I eventually will have a group of followers who are genuinely interested to see what I write next. This means I need to stick to my plan of continuous posting, as well as providing useful and relevant information.

I spent this past weekend with my parents who were in town visiting from D.C. While I try to be as interesting and cultured as I can, these two adjectives usually get trumped by home manicures, running (when I'm not injured), SeamlessWeb, TV/DVR, or long wandering walks around the city. So, when my parents come up, it is an excuse to forgo my usual weekend activities and do the things that my parents like to do in the city such as eat nicer meals, patronize museums, and see Broadway shows. I always have a great time, and I wanted to share what I learned during a few of my weekend outings:

- The MoMa is really great. Yes, it is one of the pricier museums ($20 admission), but it is worth it for the special exhibitions coupled with the great permanent collection. Right now is Picasso's Guitars and I highly recommend it. Also, for the cash strapped, it is free on Friday evenings, so brave the lines and get to it!

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- Van Cleef & Arpels has some sick jewels. 350 amazing pieces are now on display at the Cooper Hewitt and you if you like sparkly things as much as I do, you need to go. It is $15 general admission but the estate is gorgeous and after the show you can walk the beautiful Central Park reservoir or take a nice stroll down museum mile.

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- $18 Bloody Mary pitchers at Octavia's Porch on 3rd Street and Avenue B. I love a good bloody and Liz and I are always on the search for the next great one (preferably included in the meal). The $18 is an additional charge, but they are quite tasty, and it was an overall delicious brunch.

While this post may not seem to have anything to do with fashion, it does have to do with New York, which happens to not only be the city where I reside, but the city I love and which provides me with continuous inspiration. I will also add that museums, as well as the East Village, are great places to see amazing fashion; I saw so many creative minded people wearing imitation worthy outfits. If you keep your eyes open, you can spot many things that may spark your fashimagintion no matter where you go. (I'm like Faulkner, I make up words. Yeah...okay I got nothing on Faulker.)

Now get outside and enjoy your city!


Liz said...

Thanks for the link! And is it strange that I'm now craving a bloody mary at 11:30pm?

Anonymous said...

great post! I'll have to check out that Picasso exhibit.