Monday, February 7, 2011

Spin Dry

Laziness is a recurring theme in my blog. There are just certain things I don't like to spend a lot of time on, and my haircare routine is one of them. I present you with the following evidence:

Exhibit A: I get my hair cut and colored twice a year.
Exhibit B: I don't use any product (No spray, no mouse, no serum. Sometimes a little gel --currently in my purse is Dep -- for uncontrollable flyaways).
Exhibit C: Up until about 4 years ago, I didn't own a hair dryer (I still rarely use it).
Exhibit D: I shower at night, I comb my hair (otherwise comb or brush usage is infrequent), sleep, wake up, flat iron.
Exhibit E: Any product I do use, comes straight from the drug store (or its cheaper alternative/my favorite place ever: the beauty section of Bed Bath & Beyond).

Now that I have made my case, let's start with some recent hair product discoveries (look Ma, I made a legal pun!) turned obsessions.

1) Dry Shampoo
2) The Goody Spin Pin

Dry shampoo has been around forever. Really, since the 70s! And while I haven't been around that long, I am certainly baffled by the amount of time it has taken me to test drive this amazing invention. It is the lazy girl's DREAM. I can't tell you how much money in countless headbands to cover up greasy roots I could have saved had I known the true wonder of this product. When I first took a foray in to the realm of waterless cleansing, I bought a more expensive brand (Klorane) from Ricky's. After that ran out, I turned to the cheapo, original brand Psssssst! from Bed Bath and have been just as happy. So now how do I feel if I am not able to wash my hair? Not Guilty.

Next on the docket we have the Spin Pin. It. Is. Amazing. Hi, have we met? I have fine hair. I have tried for YEARS to perfect the art of the bun, but have failed miserably every time. Bobby pins fall out, layers jump out, pony tails holders can not contain it. Then I saw this television ad-- it was like the "hair thing" (what does everyone else call this product genre?) equivalent of a Kindle commercial. (If you haven't seen the commercial, this comment makes no sense at all, so, translation: it was cute and whimsical, I liked it!) I scoured the Duanes, CVSs, Rite Aides, and Walgreens of Manhattan but seemed to have trouble spotting this elusive device. Then one day, magically in Duane Reade, it appeared, and I have been a convert ever since. Bobby pin what? The double helix shaped pins hold your hair in place, and it stays in place. I recommend. 5 out of 5 stars!

Objection! You have never used the star rating before, so it holds no validity. (Sustained)

And there you have it: the lazy woman's haircare routine. Case closed.

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