Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fancy That.

The eyes have it. They are the windows to the soul. She's got Bette Davis eyes. Debbie Gibson got lost in your eyes...the list of cultural references is endless. Maybe that is why I (eye?) get a little out of control sometimes when it comes to eye makeup. Despite occasionally being hidden behind sunglasses, a bold eye makeup look is quite the attention getter. It is as much on your face as in your face. Remember the story I alluded to in my lipstick post? Let's talk about that.

One lovely Saturday afternoon, Liz and I took a trip to buy some makeup. We started out at Bloomingdale's, and after picking up some products (Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner), we had the sudden urge to check out Sephora. While I do not normally shop there, after test driving a few of their fabulous branded eyeliners, I think I may be hooked. After much time spent swatching all the different color and formula options, I came away with their Liquid Liner in Glitter Khaki.

I never thought I was good at liquid liner application, but apparently it just takes some practice, a good applicator, and not some 99 cents Wet 'n Wild I convinced myself would do the trick. (Instead I ended up with black liquid in my eye and a lovely burning sensation. Do not recommend.) Sephora brand is only $10 and I love it. Needless to say, Liz and I went back a few weeks later and picked up some more goodies. I got another liquid liner in "Fancy Blue," and the waterproof crayon liner in "Flashy Blue." ($10 and $8 respectively). Can you say "Hi, I'm Awesome?" These liners are not for the faint of heart. They are loud and bright and scream for attention, and will get you many confused looks from passerbys. Not like there is anything wrong with that, I just figured I would warn you.

Glitter Khaki, Fancy Blue, Flashy Blue images courtesy of

Fancy Blue

I could go on forever about the wonders of makeup all day, but I will spare you the soap box speech. I happen believe that makeup is the quintessential and simplest way to put an original spin on any outfit. Discovering the treasure trove of eyeliner colors at Sephora was one of the best revelations ever: it completely revamped my product selection and rejuvenated my desire to put a little fun on my face. For such a great price, you have so many options and ways to change up your everyday look.

Now go dress up your face and report back!


Anonymous said...

Todya, I am wearing the Bobbi Brown denim with the Glitter Khaki layered on top. My eyes feel so fancy! And suddenly, I have the urge to swing by Sephora this weekend. Damn you.

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