Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ball Dropping Beauty

It happens every year: December rolls around and I am forced to think about how I am going to spend New Year's Eve, aka my least favorite holiday...ever (a very close second place goes to Halloween). I can't help but dislike a night that, while worthy of celebration, gives bars and restaurants a reason to overcharge and overcrowd, and tourists swarm the city, hogging all the cabs. There is pressure to have an amazing time when more often than not the evening turns out to be just like any other night out, if not worse because you paid $100+ for an open bar and had to elbow other party-goers just to drink the same amount you would have had you paid per cocktail. Bitter? Me?

I miss the days when I would be excited to stay up late, watch the ball drop, then go to bed immediately after. You know, back when I was young enough that it was socially acceptable to do just that. However, despite my aversion to the over-hyped holiday that New Year's Eve has become, that doesn't mean I will not celebrate in the most glamorous way I can. Because if I am going to be out eating/drinking/dancing, I might as well look like the giant Waterford crystal ball that drops in Times Square. (And you should too!)

Note: Shimmer and shine can easily be overdone, so follow these simple steps to stay sassy yet classy. (Read: More like a looker, less like a hooker)

Glittering Nails
Of course manicures are my one of my favorite accessories, and metallic or glitter digits are the way to go on New Year's. Want to turn those gilded nails into a glitter-tipped french? Why not? Nail polish is a great way to go a little overboard, just as long as you keep your nails short. You want fingers that look festive, not like weaponry.

An image from my tumblr. ::shameless plug:: vs. Dagger Nails from

Suggested (and cheap!) nail polishes from my massive personal collection:

Clockwise from Left: Wet 'n Wild Kaleidoscope, Color Club Gingerbread, Milani One Coat Glitter in Gold Glitz, Milani Jewel FX in Gold, Orly Rage, Orly Luxe, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City

Up The Ante With A Little Bling
Bags, jewelry, and shoes are a great way to add sparkle to any outfit. Keep the clothes simple and let the accessories take the spotlight. These glitter shoes as suggested by Refinery29 are inexpensive and if I weren't on a shopping diet I would be very tempted. Someone please buy them and send me pictures.

I am planning on adding some gold, sparkle, and shine to my own outfit with a fabulous minaudière gifted to me by my wonderful mother.

This little jewel box will be getting its own dedicated post soon enough.

For your dancin' feet...

American Eagle Loafers, Zara Court Shoe

...and arm candy on the cheap.

La Regale Mini Clutch, Zara Metallic Clutch

Shimmering Makeup
Your face is a canvas screaming to be painted. (Okay, maybe mine just screams. Yours may use its indoor voice.) I love me a metallic smokey eye with a sultry nude lip or a soft glimmering lid with a bold pout. Be sure that if one area is emphasized, the other should be more toned down. And liquid liner is a must whether in black or metallic. Hell, even some glitter is appropriate if you choose more subtle accessories. My bold & beautiful picks below:

NYX Gold Liner, Shu Uemura Gold Shadow, Nars Schiap lipstick, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick

A little sequin can go a long way. I prefer mine on a blazer or a skirt. Quirk it up with something more casual like a chambray shirt à la J. Crew's Style Agenda.

Sparkle & Charm
If you don't want to invest in any new items for one evening (hey, I totally get it), you already possess something as bubbly as champagne that you can bring for free...your personality! As much as I dread December 31st, I know I will always celebrate the new year with a smile. The cost is zero and the reward is priceless. (How's that for a little end-of-2011 cheese?)

Cheers to a fashionable yet sensible 2012!

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