Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brooching The Subject

When Yves Saint Laurent said that "Fashions fade, style is eternal," I am almost certain he was talking about brooches. Oh, just indulge me, would ya?

Although some may say that brooches are for grandmothers and ladies who lunch, I want to prove them all wrong. Because, in fact, brooches are timeless, ageless, and perhaps one of the simplest ways to add interest to a blouse, cardigan, blazer, or coat. They can be classic, edgy, or whimsical. They can sparkle and shine. Don't believe me? Let me show you. (Even if you did believe me, you had to know that was coming.)

Modern Cocktail

Taking pictures of myself is nearly impossible so I apologize profusely for the ridiculous quality of the photos you are seeing. Theory blazer, Gap Jeans, Nine West Shoes.

Office Polished-tics

Animal pins and prints are fashion-friendly and office-safe. Nanette Lepore sweater, H&M skirt, Lauren Ralph Lauren Belt.

Lady with an Edge

Sadly my rhinestone spike bracelet and suede booties didn't make the pic. Imagine they are there to toughen up the look (more so than that bitch face I seem to have on). Waiter! There's a lizard on my shirt! American Apparel top, Dior pencil skirt.

Do I look like your grandmother in any of those pics? You know what? Don't answer that.

Additionally, there are many other great reasons to get pinned:

"Bye Bye Birdie" is a great musical. In High School my mom tried out for the mayor's wife but Goldie Hawn beat her to the part. True story.

- Keeps your bra strap from slipping down your shoulder if you place the brooch just right. Or you could just tighten the strap. Either way.

- Fear your artfully placed sweater or blazer is going to slide down your shoulders? Make sure it doesn't by securing both pieces together.

Photo Credit

- You are automatically suitably attired for those last minute charity luncheons and impromptu bingo parties.

- Brooches are great conversation pieces. Especially if they are super awesome like my colored bees (pictured below). Buzzzzzz. Gets attention at the office and cocktail parties. If you like attention that is.

While I sourced my brooches from many places (6th Avenue, a neighborhood yard sale back in 1990-who-knows-when, and my grandmother's jewelry box), eBay is the PERFECT place to satisfy all your pinning needs.

Grandma's Tiger vs. Your Tiger (Rawr)

Grandma's Bees vs. Your Bee (almost identical!)

My Yard Sale Find vs. Your Ebay Find:

6th Avenue Shop vs. Faship's Ebay Shop:

And now that we're going steady...

I tried to take a pic of myself decked out in grandma gear but I was way too frustrated with self-portrait photography to deal with it. So imagine it right...

HERE's time for couples shuffleboard!

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