Thursday, October 28, 2010

GAP is the new Black

In my very first blog post, I shared my triumph in finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans. Since then, I added to my closet a pair of gray skinnies purchased at a sample sale and a pair of Paige ankle length skinny jeans, but felt that my wardrobe was still lacking a great pair in black. Yes, adding a pair of pants to the wardrobe of a girl who spends more time in leggings than anything else probably seems a little pointless, but I was on a mission nonetheless.

My quest would always begin at Bloomingdale's: I would go in every so often and try on a few pairs, but each time they just never fit right. Too much of a jegging (I shudder to have to say that word, blech), or not enough of a skinny leg. I was frustrated, but never in too much of a hurry because, as a someone who lives in leggings, I was not in a rush to find the perfect pair. Little did I know, however, was that I would find the Holy Grail of skinny jeans at none other than this little retailer known as The Gap.

If you have been flipping through the fashion magazines this fall, or noticing bus stop advertising, you probably are aware that The Gap has revamped itself yet again. They have heavily advertised their new black work pant, as well as the denim legging. At first I was deterred by the term "Denim Legging" thinking it was just another euphemism for "Jegging." But, as Gap's Friends and Family rolled around, I realized I was terribly mistaken about the new Gap denim. In fact, I was so wrong, because these jeans are so right!

They are the perfect blend of stretch and structure. Color and comfort. A lot of pizazz for a little price. Okay so black pants can't really have pizazz per se, but these are most definitely a kick ass pair of skinny jeans. And the best part, they retail for only $69.50. Even better: The Gap is almost always having a sale or promotion, so there is a chance you can purchase a pair for as low as $35.

Sure, I had to go a size up (a girl's gotta accommodate for larger thighs: accept it, own it), but because they are stretch, I had no issues with the waist being too large. So after fruitlessly scouring department store racks I have now learned that if you are searching for black skinny jeans, you do not need to look for a designer label to provide the fit and style that you crave. If nothing else, it is another good reason to mind The Gap.

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