Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Attempts at Photo Blogging. Sort Of.

Because writing takes a lot of time (for me at least, I am my most critical editor), not everyone always wants to read a long post, and in the spirit of adding a little variety to my blog, I am leaving you with a photo recap of my MLK weekend home in suburban Maryland.

Friday was lunch and shopping with mom where after months (a year?) of searching, I found the perfect cobalt denim for $30. I know you never see me in jeans, but that's because I never find ones that fit. So for $30, there was no other option but to purchase them. Check them out in this bird's eye view at the Tyson's Corner Bloomingdale's. I am digging the black and white carpet.

Some random dude in the subway asked me where I got my pants and told me they were awesome. No compliment goes unappreciated, no matter where it comes from.

I also picked up this pencil skirt on the cheap ($20) and think it is gonna look pretty awesome with a splash of neon (Belt? Bag? Shoes? Lip?). It is strikingly similar to Prada Spring 2011 and I have a magazine pic of the Prada version hanging in my cube so clearly I have been craving some cobalt and black striped pencil action for awhile. Who cares if it is sooooo three seasons ago, that does not means you still can't rock a trend you love. Notice my choice of words Liz? That was totally for you.

On Saturday I had to give myself a manicure and pedicure (mint green for my toes, I will spare you a picture) and deep green sparkle fingernails courtesy of Essie Going Incognito and Revlon Rainforest.

My mom did her nails too. Check out her modern manicure with Chanel Graphite because she is that cool.

My cool mom also gave into my pleas for an Ulta trip (Manhattan has almost everything, but it doesn't have an Ulta or a Sally Beauty Supply) and Mom and I left with two new nail polishes, she with Essie Merino Cool and me with Zoya Sarah. Isn't she pretty?

Be warned: hang with me too long and your nail polish collection will grow exponentially.

And because I have to impart SOME editorial content I leave you with the following:

Some of my favorite Fall/Winter nail polishes that you should love too. Clockwise from top: YSL Wintergreen, Deborah Lippman Across the Universe, Essie Shine of the Times, OPI Swimsuit, Nailed It!, OPI DS Temptation, Essie Bobbing for Baubles, and Chanel Coco Blue.

My relatively recent reorganized (aw yeah alliteration) closet that I am pretty proud of. Read tips on how to be anal-retentive like me right here. Don't say I never gave you any good advice.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!