Thursday, August 17, 2017

Throwback Thursday: #Basic A(&)F

If at any point in the last 15 years, you told me that I would be making a ridiculous number of purchases at Abercrombie & Fitch in 2017, I would have laughed in your face. Like legit, rolling on the floor, so-hard-you-can't-even-hear-it type laughter. However, despite the fact that, up until this past winter, I associated Abercrombie solely with my high school/early college self and European tourists (though, to be fair, when I have found myself in the 5th Avenue store, I am 99% sure I'm the only NYC resident shopping there), I can say with complete and utter seriousness: they have some seriously good stuff out right now. And the price is on point.

While I could share a laundry list of recent purchases, in order to save some dignity in regards to my shopping habits, I would much rather use this post to spread the word that while Old Navy is currently providing me with the perfect fitted tank, A&F is killing it with their selection of bodysuits.

Now I know bodysuits are not #1 on the list of most universally loved items of clothing. In fact, I'd venture to say there is a lot of debate over their practicality (I vote a resounding "hellyeah!", but only if there are crotch snaps. No crotch snaps, no thank you), and many likely see no reason to wear them. But recently? I am hooked. The whole, not having to worry about a tucked-in top bunching up seems like one of the ultimate fashion hacks.

If you're into them too, feel free to shop my current faves here. Did I mention they. Are. All. On. Sale? (What are you waiting for? Jump to it!!!)

product image
Dude, I'm still into OTS. No shade.
product image
Strappy Back = Bringing Sexy Back?
product image
Shoulder Ties are Super Sweet
Oh hay, it's just me in my Abercrombie bodysuit being #basic by taking a bathroom selfie
Madewell Jeans (on sale here!), J.Crew Dulci Pumps (old color) and earrings (old, but similar here)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Fast Post Friday: Form Fitting Tank Edition

Happy Friday y'all!

It's summer in the city which means I'm out of work at 1pm and the only thing I'm more excited about is the tank top I'm wearing. It is from Old Navy, is currently priced at $6 (though I snagged mine for $5) and happens to be reigning supreme as my favorite body-hugging-base-layer tank of the moment.

I have recently been exploring the form fitting top/bodysuit & high waist bottom outfit combo, and these tanks perfectly fit the bill - pun intended. I originally only purchased two, but went back the next day and immediately nabbed two more. (Yes, they are that great.)

Shop them here and see a few of the ways I styled them below!

Trust, you'll tank me for this advice.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Fast Post Friday - Fabulous Flats(ish)

(Most) of my shoe collection. I am thankful for a massive closet in my tiny apartment.
I am a self-admitted shoe whore. I don't consider that a negative term in my book because dammit that is how much I love shoes. I rarely take cabs so that I can buy more shoes. I food shop exclusively at Trader Joe's so I can buy more shoes. I bring my lunch to work every. day. so that I can buy more shoes (also, it's healthier so double win there). You get the idea.

Priorities, amirite?

(And I'm not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops, your judgement does not faze me.)

So what does a girl with over 80 pairs (majority of them heels) do when she finds herself being wheeled out of her office on a stretcher after falling down the stairs and is told that she should only wear sneakers for at least the next six weeks? (Or rather, what does that girl do right after she whimpers to herself a little).

I'll tell you what I did, I bought a bunch of sneakers.

But of course that's not the point of this post (good job, Rebs), the point is more what I did after weeks of wearing sneakers: I bought a crap ton (read: 6 pairs) of flats/low heeled sandals on sale. (Is it just me or have there been a lot of good sales lately?)

Because clearly I was gonna cheat a little, and with mules/slides being the sandal of summer 2017, I felt it was my duty as a borderline-shopaholic, barely-blogger, full-time shoe whore to grab a few lot and share my picks with you! (Yes, all - what - three of you?)

From L-R, T-B:
Raye, Pour La Victoire, J.Crew, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor

pdpImgShortDescriptionpdpImgShortDescriptionDouble-strap suede slidesDouble-strap slides in snakeskin-printed leatherPrimary Image of Gretel Suede SlidesPrimary Image of Gretel Metallic Leather Slides

Now, if you don't mind, I'm just gonna just slip on that gold pair and slide right into the weekend...

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fast Post Friday: Fabulous Feline

I don't need to remind you that I'm a beauty product junkie and I certainly don't need to tell you again about my mascara obsession (the struggle. is. real.), so it should come as no surprise that I recently stumbled upon a new mascara I had to try. (And if by stumbled, I mean I took myself to Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase ingredients for a DIY eyebrow growth serum -- a story for another day -- and purposely walked myself through the cosmetics aisle.)

Displaying IMG_5561.JPG
Oh, hai lashes.
Bottom line: what I used to do with two mascaras, I can now do with one. This doesn't mean I won't ever buy my dynamic duo ever again, but right now I'm not sure I will need to. The proof is in the pudding...errrr, lashes.

Happy Friday, and you're welcome.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Kylie Jenner revived 90's lipstick, and I don't hate her for it.

Kylie Jenner
image via Byrdie

Last Wednesday it was cold and rainy. Despite the fact that the calendar was telling me it was spring, it felt like winter, inspiring me to apply my ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Kae; a dark, rich, velvety brown. Admittedly a rather aggressive color, I received compliments from four of my coworkers. (Embrace the bold, people!)

It has been just over 5 months since Kylie Jenner launched her break-the-internet lip kits, and the brown lipstick trend seems only to have gained momentum. In fact, it has become so ubiquitous, that I eventually succumbed to its siren song and purchased the 90's throwback hue.

And you know what? I kind of love it. So much so that I have added allll of the below shades to my ever-growing lipstick collection. And, lucky for you, each one is budget friendly (duh):

Revlon Chocoliscious
Revlon Mink
ColourPop Kae
ColourPop Limbo
ColourPop Beeper
NYX Beauty Mark
NYX Sandstorm

While the temperatures may be (slowly) rising, and it no longer feels like the season for brown lips, you'll still probably find me rocking the look because, whatever - it's da bomb.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fast Post Friday - Game. Set. Match.

When it comes to fashion and beauty, there are those that love to follow the rules, those that live to break them, and those that don't believe rules exist at all. (<== me)

So, when getting ready for work yesterday morning, high on some recent Harmon makeup purchases (dude, drugstore makeup is the best) and freshly painted blue nails - I began debating the age old question "Is it okay to match your shoes to your bag?"

While the fashion world may be torn on how "right" or "wrong" this practice may be, I realized there is nothing out there (at least not after a cursory Google search) about matching your eyeliner to your nail polish.

So you know what I did?

I'm pretty sure you do.

Rebecca: 1
Rules: 0

Monday, September 1, 2014

Beauty Flash! Lots o' Lash for Little Cash

When better than Labor Day weekend to share a little bit of beauty advice? I know it has been an awful long time since my last post, but that's only because when I post I want it to be meaningful. And of course, what is more meaningful to us ladies than how to get long, voluminous lashes??? (Okay, there is plenty more meaningful things in the world but for the purpose of this post, let's just pretend for the moment, mmkay?)

Now, I am not going to lie and say that I don't already have long lashes, because, well, I do. But, they are blonde, sparse, and certainly lacking volume. And, because we're all being honest here, I will admit to being a biiiiit of a mascara whore (good for recommendations, bad for my wallet). Since I started wearing makeup in middle school, I would pretty much try a different brand and/or formula when a tube's three months were up. I had tried almost all the top reviewed mascaras, both high end and low, and for awhile refused to admit the possibility of finding the perfect formula at the drugstore. For years I swore by YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils and Armani Eyes to Kill, but after some formula changes, I set out on a quest for the best drugstore mascara to satisfy my specific needs.

After some intense online research inclusive of watching countless YouTube videos (this one became my obsession), I realized that not only can the perfect lash be achieved with drugstore mascara, it must be achieved by layering. So after much trial and error, I have finally--to your benefit--perfected the look of ultra-dramatic, super intense, mistaken for falsies, lashes. Behold:

Mascaras used: L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly, CoverGirl LashBlast Volume

Step 1: Apply one coat of Voluminous Butterfly to upper lashes using the short end of the wand. Flip to the curved edge to cover bottom lashes and finish off what is left of the product on your upper lashes. 
Step 2 (Optional): Remove any excess clumps with a spoolie brush.
Step 3: Use LashBlast as your second coat, covering your upper and lower lashes, focusing most of the mascara at the base of your upper lashes until you have used up all the product on the brush. If you need to go back with the spoolie, do as you wish and ta-da! You're done!

User beware: someone in line behind you at Starbucks will ask you what mascara you are wearing. It happened to me today, true story.