Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Plethora of Pleather (& Sweaters)

Cream of the Crop
L-R: H&M, Gap, H&M Men's, Cos (old) 

At the moment, my wardrobe subsists wholly on three things:
  1. Pleather
  2. Ivory knit sweaters
  3. Denim (betcha didn't think I'd be wearing jeans again, eh?)
The source of this new inspiration clearly comes from my excessive consumption of fashion blogs; because apparently everyone looks chic in an over-sized fisherman's knit or a pair of distressed denim (Combine the two? Stellar!). Toughen up by the look by swapping out the denim for some pleather (or real leather if your budget can swing it). Leggings or a flippy skirt works just fine. Smashing, even.

(image: oraclefox)


In true sensible fashion (play on words intended), my current rotation includes nothing over $100. Click below to shop some of my favorites!

Cream & Pleather

Fall ain't just for sweaters my friends, it's pleather weather.