Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Outfit Not Waisted is Just a Wasted Outfit

It's official: I am totally into belts, they are my new crush. I can't stop thinking about them. How to wear them. Where to wear them. What to wear them with. And ultimately, that I could use some more. I mean, think about it: you and a belt could have the perfect inanimate relationship. A belt is good looking, quiet (yet can speak volumes about your sense of style), and it gives just the right amount of hug.

In high school, and even into college, I thought of belts as just a friend. You know, the kind you turn to when you need--dare I say--a pick me up. They were function over fashion, and they bored me. You also have to know that I wasn't really into cultivating my personal style until I moved to New York City, so the idea of experimenting with accessories other than basic jewelry did not enter my field of vision. Not as if belts actually worked with sweatpants anyway. Ha.

I was trying to think back to when I first started dating the belt. I couldn't really remember, but I think it was prompted by my first love - my green Gucci. It is kelly green, perforated leather, shiny gold buckle, and was on sale at Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets. I begged my father to buy it for me, promising I wouldn't ask for anything else...that day. When he gave in, I was delighted. I found any way to squeeze it into an outfit, wearing it as often as I could. And just like that, I was hooked.

From there, my collection grew. I picked up Linea Pelle and Theory belts at sample sales. Random nautical striped elastic belt on sale at Big Drop. I turned a long Pucci scarf into one, and bought a brown distressed belt from H&M. Of course, there is also the dePalma belt from the flea market. I belted cardigans. Wore them with pencil skirts. The whole nine yards.

Another great thing about the belt, is that there are so many varieties. You can't have any one "type." You can fall in love with a waist belt, a ribbon belt, a low slung hip belt, a feminine belt, or even the studded, grommeted, bad boy that your mom told you to stay away from, kind of belt. With so many choices, it is nearly impossible to get bored.

Just over Memorial Day weekend, I bought this Michael Stars dress which, while it does have a shape, looks even more perfect and put together with something at the waist. Since being purchased, I have worn the dress three times, changing up the belt and shoes at each wear. I'm obsessed. And you want to know the best part? You get to decide when you are so over them, and they can't dump you first.

Now, if only men were this easy to work with.


Thomas said...

I'm a belt super-fan, since men have few fashion options that aren't just plain out there. It all started because I wanted non-leather (vegetarian-friendly) belts. And canvas comes in so many colors, and now patterns, etc. Although I do stick to traditional slide buckle or grommet belts, none of this ribbon or scarf thing. That new dress is totally cute, also, and since it's black (it was black, yeah?) I'm sure looks good with many a bold belt.

Miriam said...

Good job, Rebecca.very cute!

Captain Emily said...

I love this post! Ha Ha! I need more belts as well.