Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Small Idea

As a girl, you most likely own at least one tiny purse. It's what you use when going out at night, and a big bulky shoulder bag just won't do. Then again, maybe you take the chance, and risk knocking into someone's drink with your ginormous handbag. You know, the one that also doubles as an instrument for hitting unwanted suiters. (I've never actually done this, but I bet it's pretty effective.)

If either of the two scenarios above sound familiar to you, then I have something you just might find useful. I've been promoting the ID/business card case since sophomore year of college as both an alternative means to a wallet, or just as a neat way to store your important cards for quick access in the black hole of your handbag.

If you couldn't already guess, I happen to have a few small purses. And, as a girl that likes to carry her life around with her (Life = iPod, phone, makeup, money, metrocard, license), I struggle with fitting everything into my little bag. Or, for the times that I do decide to lug my duffel-like purse with me out to bars, I prefer to know exactly where to find the most important items.

While they can't accommodate an extremely large amount of cards (especially credit), I have been able to fit my metrocard, license, and at least a credit card or two in my ID case, pictured above. I would suggest that you could squeeze some cash inside, but it really doesn't hold much. When carrying a smaller bag, I use the case to store my cards and license, and have the bills I need loose in my bag, or in an inside pocket. This way, there is plenty of room for the rest of my things, as it's barely larger than my iPod nano. (Yes, it's true, the nano was also purchased with my teensy purses in mind. Is it that obvious?)

On an average day, when I carry my much larger purse, the case makes it super quick to access my metrocard, or even business cards if I need them. It sits in an internal pocket (almost any large bag comes with a few for cell phones) where I can see it, so I don't have to dig around the cavernous inside. Not to mention it fits easily in a pants or jacket pocket if you decide to ditch the purse altogether. But best of all, you get to listen to all your friends "Oooh" and "Aahh" when they realize how ingenious you are for thinking of such a cute and alternative way to use a business card case. Now, doesn't that feel good?

For a personal touch, find a metal case with room for engraving your name or initials. A monogram can be done by machine in only a few minutes in the diamond district, for about $12!

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Thomas said...

I love that you're still pushing this. I think it's so genius.