Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Start a Trend? Watch us!

Well this past weekend was incredibly busy. I attended a Charity Event, spotted two Bravo-lebrities, ran a 10k (and PR'd!), and possibly started a trend. Despite minimal sleep Friday night after my Spring for a Cure benefit, I was wide awake at 9am and ready to enjoy the beautiful weather that was finally bestowed on us...for one day.

After my brief moment of mopey-ness, Liz decided it was time for breakfast and erranding (it's my new favorite verb), so we agreed to meet at 10:30 and start the day off right...with pancakes. While enjoying our massive whole wheat stack at Gracie Mews Diner, I got a BlackBerry message from our friend Kristen saying it was gorgeous out and she wanted to walk around. Since "walk around" is a buzz word in my book, I immediately wrote back in agreement and had her meet us uptown.

What started as a trip to Road Runners to pick up by bib and dtag for Sunday's Scotland 10k then became a 7 mile walk around the city.

Shirt and bib! I was in the last corral

We strolled down 3rd and across to 5th on our path to the Chelsea Trader Joes, stopping in a few stores along the way. Our last pre cheap groceries stop was J. Crew, where I was a kid in a neon candy store. (Jenna Lyons, I think I love you.) While browsing, we noticed a jewelry display showing some cute belted bracelets in bright colors. Upon further investigation, we realized these uplifting accessories were only $12 each. Quite the bargain for a J. Crew shopper.

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While Liz and I were taking our sweet time in the fitting rooms (note: newly reopened and renovated flagship means terribly long dressing room lines), Kristen managed to find a sale bin with the neon yellow bracelet marked down to $5. There were exactly two left and she lovingly took them for me and Liz. To our even bigger surprise, we learned upon checkout that the others (bright coral and yellow/gray striped) were two for $20. We also learned that they were not bracelets, but in fact watch bands to a Timex that the store also sold.

"Do you own the watch for these?" The cashier asked Liz.
"Watch?" Liz questioned, confused.
"These are watch bands." The cashier stated.

Despite learning that we were buying watch bands rather than bracelets, this did not deter us. They looked awesome, with or with out a face. And with neon being a summer staple, why not add some stackable wrist-wear into the mix? What are you waiting for? Head to J. Crew, now.

Check out my Essie Punchy Pink neon mani. Liz's layering is on the right. I want her purple Wet & Wild nail polish.

I don't know about you, but I think it's about time for an awesome, accidental trend.

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