Friday, July 29, 2011

Bad, Bad, Blogger.

I have been very neglectful and have totally ignored my new year's resolution to blog more. Shame on me. Yeah I have been busy, but that is no excuse. And it is not for lack of inspiration! I had so many grand plans of blogging about great neon items (which was much more relevant a few months ago), my favorite cheap beauty products (cliffsnotes version: I like drugstore brands!), and probably some other topics I have already forgotten. For this I feel terrible.

In order to make some amends, I am posting very quickly the following:
What? I'm in the middle of laundry! Don't be jealous of my rockin' Friday night.

1) NYX Liquid Eyeliner. Ever since I discovered the Sephora liners, I have become obsessed with a liquid lined eye. NYX can be purchased at Beauty35 for $3.50.

Image from Makeupandbeautyblog

2) This Gap Belt. I got mine with some rewards cards. Love that Gap credit card program. And also, I love belts. Not to mention that The Man Repeller has it to, which, in my mind, totally validates its fashion cred.

Image from

3) Slap bracelets. I brought some of my faves home to NYC from MD. My mom was kind enough not to throw them away for the past 11 years. She's pretty awesome. I'm gonna bring them back. Friendship bracelets what?

Yes, they are hanging on my Mini 10k Medal. Don't judge.

4) Newly obsessed with this skirt from Target. So chic and comfy and it doesn't stretch out! (Despite what it seems from the picture below.) It was $12.99 by Xhiliration and it's awesome. Not so awesome: my crappy picture of it.

I promise it's not so wide in real life.

5) The heat wave. I can't see an end in sight and I am running out of ideas for what to wear to prevent excessive sweating. What are your beat-the-heat outfits?

Well, my laundry is about done...have a great weekend everyone!

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