Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A-Hood Of The Game

I know you don't need me to tell you this, but it is raining today in New York. It also reached a high of 61 degrees here in Manhattan. And did I mention it is December 6th? But you aren't here for a weather report, you are here for a fashion report!

Now I didn't bring up the weather because I lacked something to blog about...


image courtesy of spinedoctors. Don't ask.

...I brought up the weather because I walk to work. While my commute clocks in at just under a mile, that means that for a good 20 minutes of walking (well you try navigating the sidewalks faster than that!) I am exposed to rain, shine, sleet, snow, or even hail. That in mind, my commuter fashion is dictated by the day's weather conditions. I have rain boots, snow boots, insulated rain boots, raincoats; I am most definitely prepared.

Myself, like many others, know how important it is to own stylish outwear in order to avoid feeling completely un-chic in defense against the elements. There is fashion before function, function before fashion, and the best of both worlds, functional fashion! (Note how this differs from fashionable function because the fashion part is much more fun.)

Scene: I am walking to Midtown today in my raincoat, rain boots, and umbrella. With each step I take, I notice how my hair curls and frizzes and poofs with every step I take. Pensive look. Light bulb. I need a raincoat with a hood!

Today was one of those light rain/heavy mist type of days. Those days where an umbrella seems like too much (and certainly adds to the already crowded sidewalk), but without one you end up covered with a thin layer of dewiness and might-as-well-not-have-blow-dried-after-my-shower frizzy hair. It was then I realized that perhaps this was nothing a little head protection couldn't fix.

And while I may be dreaming of this little number...

Burberry Brit Zip-Off Hood Raincoat at Bloomingdale's $750

...in reality we could all use something a little more budget friendly.

So without further a-dew, let us check out some some well-priced, topped-notch city-slickin' slickers!

From top (L-R): Cole Haan Packable Raincoat (olive color on sale for $237), Vince Camuto Zip Front Trench $148, Asos Selected Park $300, Asos Plastic Rainmac (on sale!) $68, Platinum Utex $128.

I also liked this Anne Klein one from Macy's marked down to $100, but I couldn't seem to figure out how to post the image.

Looks like another wet one tomorrow, so add a personal touch with a belt or a scarf (maybe a great pair of gloves?), and let mother nature know you are not afraid of a little precipitation. A lot of precipitation...and wind...well that's another story blog post.

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