Thursday, May 22, 2008

Comfort, To a Tee

In my opinion, nothing says effortless style like the T-Shirt dress. It's simple, it's classic, it's easy, and most importantly, it's comfortable. I am the ultimate champion of comfort. In fact, twice in my life, once in middle school and again during sophomore year of college, I only wore sweatpants. That's right, sweatpants. Day in, day out. Sure, I was probably mocked behind my back, but I was happy.

With leggings having made a comeback, and dresses even more versatile than ever, it is now possible to be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. The T-Shirt dress, to me, is the epitome of this melding between style and ease. You can dress it up or down, accessorize it however you want, and still feel like you are in your favorite tank top and jeans. My current obsession is from American Apparel. I've worn it to bars, to work, even just walking around on the weekends.

Normally I'm a little wary of American Apparel clothing, mostly because the quality control is just not there. But I don't have the easiest body to dress, and this looks great. I even bought a second in a different color (and that is not one of my usual shopping habits).

Here are some suggestions on how to style this multifaceted item of clothing:

For Work-
The dress alone may be a little short (depending on your dress code, and it also shrinks a bit in the first wash), so I would pair it with leggings or tights. Add a blazer and pumps, or a cardigan and a belt, for a more polished, professional look.

For Play-
Weekends are all about being laid back and casual. Add some layered necklaces or a chunky bracelet paired with metallic or jeweled flats. For an adventurous statement, nothing says summer fun like a bright pink lipstick. I have found the best selection from YSL, but any brand will do. Just have fun.

For Evening-
When going out for a night on the town, all you need to do is ramp up your accessories. Add a little sparkle with some cubic zirconium studs or dangling earrings (diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but certainly not her wallet's), or a sparkle-y cocktail ring (I have a great one from Express). Slip into some peep toe pumps or strappy sandals and you're all set.

Okay, I admit, adding high heels to the T-Shirt dress does take a little away from the comfort factor, but we can't always have our way, now can we? I am not going to lie and say that a four-inch stiletto is as easy to wear as pair of flip flops, but the truth is, they do look more fabulous.


Jose said...

Would this work if I wear my XL 'I Heart NY' t-shirt, but with a belt? I can borrow snake-skin tights from Christine.


emily said...

Way too short for my office dress code! But count me in for weekends.