Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Choose My Shoes!

Because I can never get enough of a good rhyme and a great pair of shoes, I have created this post so that my readers (how many of you are there anyway?) can give me advice on what to buy instead of the other way around. Now doesn't that sound fun?!

If you are a Bloomingdale's Insider then you know that five pairs of shoes on your Bloomies card gets you 25% off a sixth pair at regular price, and I have gone through a lot of shoe cards in my day. I happen to have one burning a hole in my wallet right now, and yet another one on its way. I tend to use them for either every day basics that need frequent replacing, or for those special, one-of-a-kind, statement shoes that you'd never pay full price for. As of now I can't seem to find either of these types of shoes, but have been eying the following:

Boat shoes! I had Top-Siders in the 4th grade and have been craving bringing back that preppy casual look since last summer. I think it might be time to cave, but which color? Gold, Bronze, or the scrumptious Plum?

Wedges are Aytch-Oh-Tee HOT for Spring/Summer and super comfortable . I have a ton already and they are my go-tos for a summer night out so I can walk/dance/stand posing painlessly at the bar all evening. These leather neutrals are kind of my thing this time around.

And if they have these in store? There was another Michael Kors pair I saw in Lucky Mag, but they seem to be MIA on the Internet right now...

Now, let's say you don't like any of the above options (I'm not really sold on a particular pair either, except the Sperrys, and I do have two shoe clubs cards...), you're in luck! There also happen to be two other pairs of shoes I've been stalking online.

Bass Hearts Rachel Antonoff. I'm dying over these. Frankly I'm going to buy them whether you like them or not...if I can ever figure out when they are going to be available for me to get my clammy little palms on them.

These sassy cheetah platform pumps are only $68...and currently unavailable on the Victoria Secret website in anything but bronze metallic despite being featured in this month's Lucky magazine. These are now the third pair of shoes I've seen in Lucky that I can't buy (the Bass loafers were in there too), I'm starting to feel like a little child being mocked relentlessly on the playground. Not cool Lucky, not cool.

Any favorites of the bunch? Do you hate all of them? I'm desperate for your feedback. Frankly I'm desperate to know if anyone reads my blog. Anyone? Bueller?


jfm2218 said...


LOVE those

In Stitches said...

I vote for the MK wedges. As a proud owner of topsiders (and someone who plans to buy a new pair for spring as my current ones smell like hell -- another rhyme for you!), they are cheap enough to pay full price. 25% off is not a good enough discount. Also to be honest I don't like the Tahari ones.