Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Year. New Blog. Sort Of.

I promised myself in 2011 that I'd write more. In my blog, in my book, in general. But due to my perfectionist nature, I'm my own worst editor and it takes me forever to crank out a post. So in the spirit of writing more, I will probably write less in each post, but post more frequently. Let's kick it off with:

Five Things That Are Getting Me Through This Crappy Winter:
1) Hot pink lipstick
2) Over The Knee/Thigh High Socks
3) Edgy Nail Polish
4) Moto Ankle Boots
5) Tights - sweater, opaque, patterned...

Featured in pic: Nars Semi-Matte lipstick in Schiap. Nars Zulu and Chanel Black Pearl nail polish. Madewell boots (over 50% off!)

Five Things That Are Getting Me Excited For Spring:
1) Hot pink lipstick (fun for all seasons!)
2) Rachel Antonoff for Bass Loafers (Already envisioning these with my pleated skirt, rocking the school girl look)
3) Nearly Neon Nail Polish
4) Wedge Sandals (Would I dare attempt to wear with socks? I'm probably not cool enough)
5) My leather moto jacket as sufficient outwear (Hands down, Best. Fall. Purchase. Ever.)

Featured in pics: Old Navy wedges. Theory pleated skirt. Premise leather jacket. China Glaze Sky High Tops and Zoya Kiki nail polish.

Everyone knows how bad the weather has been this winter, and in order to combat the days on end of rain boots and snow shoes, we all have to find those little things that make the season (and our outfits!) brighter. I'm of the philosophy that all you need is one awesome* accessory to complete an ensemble, and I tend to lean towards bright lipstick, unexpected nail polish, or a kick ass shoe to pull a look together. Now, if it would just stop precipitating so that my hair could look put together...

*Awesome does not have to mean expensive. While my favorite items may range in price, some of my most complimented pieces were super affordable. Note the Old Navy wedges...$25!!!

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