Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Happen to Love Trigonometry, But Fashion Math is Much More Fun.

I would like to begin this post with a personal thank you to all of my coworkers who complimented my outfit on February 10th (I meant to post this the same week so I apologize for my lapse in blogging). Not only did it tug at my little stylist-at-heartstrings, but it is now archived in the "go-to outfit" section of the fashion reference library known as my closet. And, since my blog is dedicated to individual style on a budget, it is quite fitting that both pieces I wore that day are from H&M.

The boots are Lanvin Fall 2009, purchased at Loehmann's for about 85% off, and I extend an apology to the woman who was following me around hoping I wouldn't buy them, because she is missing out on a lot of shoe admiration.

Note: This outfit contains black and navy. I have learned that this is a viable color combination despite initial reservations, and now I kinda dig it. So you have my seal of approval to wear it too, not that you need it.
And now onto some other ensembles that give great style at a great price:

GAP open cardigan + American Apparel braided belt = DVF-inspired wrap worthy of a street style snapshot. I like to pair mine with gray over-the-knee socks from H&M and a more fitted bottom, mostly because I spend too much free time stalking Lookbook.

White burnout tee + H&M spandex mini = simple East Village Evening outfit.

Worn specifically with Hue Super Opaque black tights and sample sale Giuseppe Zanotti booties. (Best $15 I ever spent! And no that's not a typo.) Other footwear alternatives: $35 H&M wedge booties or $28 Forever21 Workman Lace Up Booties. I just like to write the word "booty."

Forever21 floral chiffon dress + J. Crew Outlet argyle cardigan + Buffalo Exchange Vintage GAP belt = a lesson in layering, a tutorial in textures, and a play on pattern mixing. I'm all about the Jenna Lyons J. Crew styling aesthetic of mashing up lengths and textures and patterns, then cinching it all together with a belt. I'm still perfecting my own version, but this is a pretty decent replication for my body type.

Express Tuxedo boyfriend blazer + gray American Apparel Tri-Blend v-neck + Hue black leggings + multiple Trash & Vaudeville studded bracelets = Kate Lanphear Rock Chic. I have made clear my obsession for Kate, so this equation needs no explanation.

If you can't tell, I have a mild case of fashion schizophrenia. I don't think I have one distinctive style, but rather I dress for my mood, which can change every day or every minute.
Now it is your turn to come up with a style equation that multiplies the contents of your closet! Let me know what you come up with!

I would also like to apologize for the crap quality of my pictures, as I rely solely on my BlackBerry and Photo Booth for iMac. One day, I promise to upgrade. If I can just stop buying nail polish and shoes...

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