Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(Tr)Endorsement Time!

Despite my blog's name, I never really liked the word trend. A trend, to me, implies the ephemeral, the fleeting, that an end is inevitable. If an item of clothing or a certain style keeps finding its way back into our fashion vocabulary, how can it ever really be "over"? (Fashion makes me deep, okay?) I think a trend is like that tree that falls in the empty forest: If you keep wearing a once "trendy" item, doesn't that mean it never went out of style? Or rather that it has become a new wardrobe staple?

I don't like to think that just because I still ache to feel hip by wearing my Dr. Marten's (sure they are "in" now, but the resurrection of 90's grunge won't last forever), or plan to wear leggings long after their return to being "so 80's", that I will all of a sudden be incredibly démodé. I wholeheartedly believe that one should wear what suits one, what looks good on her body type, not what the fashion magazines deem appropriate and of the moment. So, from trendsetting to trendorsing, here are some currently stylish items I will appreciate long beyond their shelf life:

- Motorcycle ankle boots
- Studs (particularly on belts, shoes, and bracelets)
- Neon lips
- Leggings (not as pants)
- Oversized sweaters
- Over-the-Knee socks
- Fur/Faux Fur Jackets
- Skinny jeans (preferably in black or gray)

image credits: Boots,, Belt,, Socks,

Wow, there's an incredible 198o's theme running through that list. Betcha can't tell which decade I was born in.
And now for the list of items that, despite numerous magazine or blog features, will never find their way into my already overstuffed closet:

- Clogs
- Harem pants
- Maxi Skirts (I bought a maxi dress once, wore it a few times. Then I grew a brain and realized I'm too short to pretend that I'm tall)
- Leggings (as pants). This also includes the topic of jeggings.
- The Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boot. I understand this is more blogger fashion than fashion fashion (Is there a difference? I don't know), but if I see this shoe in any more street style shots I might die. I read they are coming out with a shag version. I'm hoping this is an early April Fool's joke.
- High waisted pants
- Open toe booties. They look cute in random fashion snaps, but to me, showing a little toe cleave in a shoe that is meant for winter wear seems oddly counter-intuitive.
- Sweats as anything but lounge wear (From Alex Wang to the Pajama Jean, I just can't support this look)

image credits: Jeffrey Campbell Clogs,, Harem pants,, Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot,, T by Alexander Wang jersey sweat pants,

Disclaimer: My list of "just say no" trends is of course entirely personal opinion, whether based on my inability to find them aesthetically pleasing, or knowing that they are not the right clothes for my body type. I am in no way condemning anyone for wearing what they love, even if I happen to loathe it. It is my own "golden rule" of fashion. You may not like something I'm wearing, but I would prefer it if you would keep that to yourself. Compliments, however, are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the Lita Boot! And I've seen the 'Shag' version, it's not pretty.

And as for the sweatpants only for loungewear...that's not what I heard! You should write a post about your quirky college phase.

Thomas said...

I think you can condemn jeggings.